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Open Days: Open days are extended to NEPWGA Members. Prearranged starting times are required. Reservations are accepted as indicated in the schedule below by calling the pro shop directly. Open days are for NEPWGA association members. They are not to be used as mini-Member Guest, for personal entertaining or to include inelegible friends, relatives.

Eligiblity: Each member must have posted at least ten(10) eighteen(18) hole scores annually (June 1st previous year to June 1st current year) to be eligible to Play in NEPWGA tournaments.

Central/Eastern PSWGA 2018 Better Ball: September 25,2018 Moselem Springs,Fleetwood,PA

PSWGA Amateur and Senior 2018 Championship- August 13-16 2018 Ligonier Country Club ,Ligonier,PA

Upcoming Fall NEPWGA 2018 Meeting: Glenmaura National Golf Course, October18,2018