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Revised : February 2017

  1. Any individual in good standing in her member club’s women’s golf association shall be entitled to participate in all NEPWGA tournaments and open days.
  2. Dress code for tournaments:  tailored tops, skirts of proper length, Bermuda shorts, capris, or slacks.  NO jeans, short shorts, T-shirts, sun or halter tops.
  3. It is required that each member club host two (2) open days per year exclusively for NEPWGA members.  Individual members wishing to play in any NEPWGA Open Day should contact the hosting member club’s NEPWGA Representative and/or Pro Shop two weeks in advance of the date according to the individual club’s schedule.
  4. Handicaps are to be computed by a computer system certified by the U.S.G.A. 
  5. Entry fees for all NEPWGA tournaments shall be established by the Executive Committee.
  6. All NEPWGA sponsored tournaments will be limited to individual members of the NEPWGA. Individual members who wish to participate in NEPWGA sponsored tournaments must be a member in good standing of their respective club’s women’s golf association and have a valid handicap from the club from which she is representing.
  7. Each member must have posted at least ten (10) eighteen (18) hole scores annually (June 1st previous year to June 1st current year) to be eligible to play in NEPWGA events.
  8. Invitational tournaments are held on a rotating basis among the thirteen (13) member clubs of the NEPWGA.  These tournaments are open exclusively for members of the NEPWGA who are in good standing at their local club.
    • Format for competition may include:
      1. Better Ball of Partners
      2. Two best balls of foursome
      3. Ryder Cup  format
      4. Other options may be considered for play pending a majority vote at the NEPWGA Executive Committee.
  9. Score cards are to be marked with handicap strokes.  Ties are to be decided by matching  
    the total scores of the back nine.  If there is still a tie, total score of last six holes shall be matched, then the last three holes.  Should a tie still remain, scores on individual holes will be used beginning with No. 18 and to 17, 16, etc.
  10. All competition shall be played in accordance with U.S.G.A. rules:  Better Ball – women-95%,  
    Member-Member- 90%, Better Ball men -90%, and individual 100%.
  11.  A true forty (40) handicap, according to the slope index of the host club is the maximum
    allowed on all tournaments: however the maximum strokes allowable at NEPWGA sanctioned tournaments will be 2 strokes per hole.  Scores for handicaps are to be recorded  year round.
  12. The Vice-President shall be the NEPWGA Tournament Coordinator with her own committee. 
    The representative of the host club will appoint a chairperson to work with her.
  13. U.S.G.A. approved rangefinders are allowed in all N.E.P.W.G.A. events.
    Information is to be shared with those playing with you who do not have such a device.
  14. Cell phones should be turned off or put on vibrate only if urgent situations are expected and not used except in cases of emergencies or extreme need or to request a ruling.
  15. ABCD Tournament- if a club does not have enough players to complete their foursome for
    the ABCD the NEP Rep may contact either a Rep from another clubor the tournament
    chair for a player to complete their foursome (thus the team may have players form
    more than one club for the ABCD.  (4/27/2016).
  16. Withdrawal: If a player(s) have to with from a tournament after the deadline,   contact the
    person to whom you sent your entry.  No refunds will be given except cart fee.
  17. ProLady Format: the format of the Prolady beginning 2018 will be 2 best balls of foursome- gross and net. Prizes will be awarded- gross and net.