NEPWGA History

The Women’s Golf Association of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPWGA) was founded in 1978.

In 1978, seventeen (17) women met from seven (7) clubs. The organization was first called NPLGA and then changed to NEPWGA. First planning meetings were held in the winter of 1978-1979. Maximum cost for a team in a tournament was $20.00

There were ten (10) original clubs: Berwick, Elmhurst, Elkview, Fox Hill, Frosty Valley, Glen Oak, Irem, and CC of Scranton, Valley, and Wyoming Valley.

Sonia Dessen from Valley Country Club was the first president of the NEPWGA. Annual membership dues for clubs were $10. It was decided that all participants in NEPWGA tournaments must be members of an NEPWGA member club in 1979.

The first NEPWGA Championship was held at Wyoming Valley Country Club. Ann Holmes from Elkview won the first championship and many more to come. There were ninety-six (96) participants. The first Pro-Lady was held in 1980 at Country Club of Scranton.

In 1981, the ABCD tournament was added to the tournament schedule. And then in 1982 the mixed couples was added to the tournament schedule. In 2010, the NEPWGA Senior division as added to the Championship tournament.

In 1991The official logo was designed by Susie Gauntlett of Irem Country Club. Official membership certificates were first issued in 1995.

From 1991, clubs resigned, rejoined and new clubs were admitted to the NEPWGA. Huntsville Golf Club joined in 1995, Glenmaura National Golf Club joined in 1997, Frosty Valley Country Club rejoined in 2003, and Pocono Farms joined in 2007. Berwick Golf did not rejoin in 2018.  Woodstone Country Club joined in 2020 and Eagle Rock Resort joined in 2021. Berwick Golf Club rejoined in 2024. Williamsport Country Club joined in 2024.

Today our association has sixteen clubs  (16) clubs whose members have the opportunity to play in all Northeast tournaments, Invitationals, Open Days, and various scheduled events held by the member clubs.

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