Open Day Information

Open days are extended to NEPWGA Members. Prearranged starting times are required. Reservations are accepted as indicated in the schedule below by calling the pro shop directly. Open days are for NEPWGA association members. They are not to be used as mini-Member Guest, for personal entertaining or to include in elegible friends, relatives.

Open Day Schedule 2023

 EAGLE ROCKMay 31 (9AM-10:30AM) September  27 (9AM-10:30AM)
ELKVIEW                    May 11August 31
ELMHURST               June 1 August  8
FOX HILL                June 6 (8:00-12:00AM) September 26 (8:00-12:00AM)
FROSTY  VALLEY  June 1  (9:00AM-11:00 AM)September 14 (9:30AM-11:00 AM)
GLENMAURA Nat’l    (SG)        May 17 September 20
GLEN OAK        (SG)      May 23 August 29
HUNTSVILLE         May 18 (8:30AM-10:30AM)October 12 (8:30AM-10:30AM)
IREM         (SG)  May 25 (9AM)August 24  (9AM)
POCONO FARMS    (SG) May 30 (9:30AM)August 29 (9:30AM)
CCS          (SG)May 11 (9AM)September 7 (9AM)
VALLEYAny weekday (May thru Sept)must call for tee timeAny weekday (May thru Sept) must call for tee time.
Woodstone CCMay 2 (Tee times starting at 10:00AM) August 1 (Tee times starting at 10:00AM)
WVCC   (SG) May 23 (9AM) September 12 (9AM)

Notes: SG- Shot Gun Start           {All other clubs listed are tee times}

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